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"Having no problems is the biggest problem of all."
Taichi Ohno

Adding Indexes for a Key/Value Store

January 02, 2019 ▪ technical posts
On one of my side projects, I'm using LevelDB to store state for a simulator. Like many key/value stores, LevelDB doesn't natively provide indexing. How hard could it be to add my own?
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Filtered Swagger docs for ASP.Net Core 2.0

August 21, 2018 ▪ technical posts
I have a set of APIs that I'm publishing with an application. Some of these API endpoints are designed to be publically accessible, while others are internal API endpoints or specifically designed for a front-end application to access. I want to easily include the public endpoints in my API docs without publishing details on the internal ones.
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Adding User-Managed API Keys to ASP.Net Core 2 w/ Cosmos DB

April 24, 2018 ▪ technical posts ▪ posted on lessthandot.com

I’m building the foundation for an ASP.Net Core 2 site with Cosmos DB as the back-end store and want to build in the idea of user-manageable API keys. In the past two posts, I’ve added interactive registration and login to the application using built-in Cookie and Twitter middleware on top of custom authorization logic and Cosmos DB. In this one, we’ll be adding endpoints that require API Keys that can be created and revoked by the user.

While I started out with credentials stored directly in the LoginUser Document, in the prior post I decided to start treating authentication mechanisms ...

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