Eli Weinstock-Herman
"Having no problems is the biggest problem of all."
Taichi Ohno

Creating an Employee Onboarding Plan

February 14, 2019 ▪ management posts
Providing a great onboarding experience has been shown to help new folks be productive sooner and stay with your company longer. Here are some tips and resources when you're building out your process.
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Resolving High npm CPU Usage w/ NCrunch

February 04, 2019 ▪ technical posts
If you're running NCrunch on an ASP.Net SPA project, you may notice a lot of background CPU usage from npm. This is a result of NCrunch rebuilding the project and running the `DebugEnsureNodeEnv` target.
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Adding Indexes for a Key/Value Store

January 02, 2019 ▪ technical posts
On one of my side projects, I'm using LevelDB to store state for a simulator. Like many key/value stores, LevelDB doesn't natively provide indexing. How hard could it be to add my own?
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