Eli Weinstock-Herman
"Having no problems is the biggest problem of all."
Taichi Ohno

Creating Developer Career Ladders

September 15, 2019 ▪ Evergreen posts
A big part of our job, as managers, is to create and communicate clear expectations. A defined growth or leveling framework can help us create consistency in expectations, leveling, goal-setting, and more. Drawing on 30-40 other frameworks and my own experience, I'm hoping this can be a higher leverage starting point to help you build your own frameworks for your organization.
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Swapping tslint for eslint w/ react-scripts 3.0.0

May 14, 2019 ▪ technical posts
react-scripts 3.0.0 has shifted TypeScript linting support from tslint to eslint. This is on the general roadmap for TypeScript in general, so while eslint doesn't support all of the rules I'm using w/ tslint at the moment, it's good enough that I want to try a full migration.
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