Eli Weinstock-Herman

Hello! Nice to meet you...

...I'm Eli, professionally a software developer, manager, or whatever else we need to get the job done.

Picture of Eli This site is 50% a secondary home for blog posts and 50% just because.

By trade I started as a software developer, but along the way I also got interested in usability, test and delivery automation, agile, lean manufacturing and the philosophies behind it, product strategy, customer success, project management, and anything else that would help us more successfully build great products for wonderful people.

Most of the posts reflect my technology interests, either as I smooth out the rough edges of something I'm using day-to-day or as I dig into something on my exceedlingly long hobby list. Lately that tends to be cloud computing and machine learning, two areas that are already having a huge impact at all level ofs our industry.

Some Favorite Quotes

I've been lucky to work in a lot of different environments and I try to read a lot, so instead of boring you with my backstory, here are some quotes that unpack into larger ideas that guide my thinking: