Eli Weinstock-Herman

Hello! Nice to meet you...

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...I'm Eli!

I'm not really sure what to call myself these days, product developer is probably the most accurate.

I've led engineering and/or product at 4 startups, managed for a fifth, attempted to start my own, co-founded a reasonably popular tech blog, and mentored folks on leadership, management, development, QA automation, and more. I've led projects and diving saves, a business rebranding, incident response, user training, and more.

My background started as a software developer, but along the way I also got interested in usability, test and delivery automation, agile, lean manufacturing and the philosophies behind it, product strategy, customer success, project management, and anything else that would help us more successfully build great products for wonderful people (who would then pay us and hopefully turn into brand ambassadors).

Books I Recommend

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Some Memorable Quotes

I've been lucky to work in a lot of different environments and I try to read a lot, here are selected quotes that have shaped my thinking: