Eli Weinstock-Herman

LessThanDot Redesign - Here We Go

Original post posted on November 03, 2009 at LessThanDot.com

Done, Skip to the bottom!

Over the course of the next hour the LTD website will be undergoing conversion to
the new format. What this means is that we will spend about the next 15 minutes or so without any visible changes. Then everything will break horribly. Then (hopefully) everything will look right again and we will be on the new layout.

  • Done! - Basic Backups as precaution
  • Done! - Copying new files and breaking site
  • Done! - Configuring Forum
  • Done! - Configuring Wiki
  • Done! - Configuring Blogs
  • Done? - Final Tests

I will continue to post updates as we go.

12:26 PM EST - Completed backups
12:41 PM EST - Finished copying + minimal blog fixes
12:46 PM EST - Finished forum settings
12:48 PM EST - Finished Wiki
12:58 PM EST - Finished Blogs
1:04 PM EST - DONE! ...ish

The Bottom!
After the rollover we have noticed a number of small items that need attention. Very soon we will begin addressing these small items, a longer list of suggestions that we have been gathering during the beta, and any new suggestions our readers would like to submit in the forum. Very soon we will start a forum thread addressing new additions and include information on the next sets of changes we are working on.

Comments are available on the original post at lessthandot.com