Eli Weinstock-Herman
"Having no problems is the biggest problem of all."
Taichi Ohno

"The Engineering Team isn't getting enough done"

February 27, 2022 ▪ management posts
"The engineering team isn't getting enough done" is a stressful thing to hear from managers and peers. Before we run to tell the team to "work harder", we need to dig into the perception behind this judgement, because it tends to have a lot more to do with organizational alignment, communications, and gaps then squeezing extra hours out of knowledge worker brains.

Designing Custom Inputs

January 31, 2022 ▪ technical posts
When designing business applications, the decision to use an off the shelf input library or build your own can have far-reaching impacts on everything from the architecture of your application to presenting the intended experience to users. Here's a few of the things I've learned over the years.

Replacing Annual Reviews for Development Teams

January 11, 2022 ▪ management posts
Providing clear expectations and feedback are part of our responsibilities as managers, impacting personal performance, morale, and organizational effectiveness. Annual reviews, while prevalent, don't cut it. Here's why, and an alternative.

Mocking OIDC Auth while integration testing ASP.Net

January 01, 2022 ▪ technical posts
Tooling for integration testing for ASP.Net has improved, but when our application relies on OIDC authentication against a third party it can be difficult to take advantage of new methods like WebApplicationFactory. Here's a solution that doesn't change your production code and still gives full control over state for your integration tests.

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