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I'm Eli! I build products that surprise and delight, and best-in-class teams to deliver them.

I've led engineering and product organizations for B2B SaaS companies, strategic to hands-on development, marketing, UX and anything else that needed to get done. I've built a lot of value and broken my fair share of things.

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ASP.Net 6 with multiple react entry points

April 30, 2022 ▪ technical posts
asp.net corereactwebpack
Tips and examples code for an ASP.Net 6 project with multiple entry points, providing shared CSS for Razor pages and a better local development experience.

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Notable Projects

  • Enable game developers to learn and run the business-side of their game launches.
  • AuditLog as a Service
    Plug GDPR-compliant customer audit trails into your product. Like StatusPage.io for user audits.
  • LaunchReady UI Testing
    Fast, automated UI testing console with a massively parallel test execution engine
  • One of the very first interactive, online SQL learning tools (2013)